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What to expect


Initial consult - Baby

Dr Sam has created a video on our Facebook page to help answer some questions you may have around babies and Chiropractic, click here to view it! 


Our Practitioners are eager to understand how the pregnancy went and what sort of labour experience Mum had.  We would like to know all about your baby, and any symptoms or areas of concern you have currently. 


After that, we 'check' baby by doing a series of neurological checks and make notes about what we're finding.  Typically babies will have a set of reflexes at each stage of development, so we'll tell you what we are looking for and what we are finding.  An adjustment might be recommended at this stage, and we'll explain how it works and what we would like to see improve.   


Initial consult - Child

For children between about 2 and 10 - we'd love to know about your child's interests and hobbies, any hospitalizations, accidents or medications they've been prescribed.  We have different neurological tests as we do with infants - to help determine your child's overall physical and cognitive development. 

As with the babies and adults, there is a lot of talking involved - and we try to complete the tests as games so there is plenty of moving around.  Our Practitioners will talk to you about what they are expecting to see and why, and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  

We have some great tips on posture, screen time and school bags here


Initial consult - Adult

(Or anyone over the age of 11) starts off with plenty of talking.  About your medical history, any accidents you've had, hospitalisations, illnesses and medications.  We talk about your symptoms, when they started and what improvements you'd like to see.

We may do a blood pressure check, and/or a Posture Screen Analysis so we do ask that you wear a singlet and fitted pants if possible so we can easily identify points of reference (such as hips, knees, shoulders and ribs). 

As a matter of routine, we don't order x-rays for each person.  If your Practitioner feels that an Xray is required, they will let you know and we'll refer you to either ARG or the Chiropractic College.  

This first visit also includes an adjustment.  

The steps






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