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Welcome to Balance

It's not an easy job balancing the stress of everyday life, and often times our bodies seem to struggle to keep up. Here at Balance Chiropractic, we take pride in helping your body and mind function at their best!

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Our Services

Chiropractic Care

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Our care is individualised and catered to each person depending on their particular needs and preferences. We conduct a thorough history and examinations upon your first visit to ensure safe, quality chiropractic care for everyone from all walks of life. We help you to reach your wellness goals, whatever they may be, through world-class care that anyone can benefit from. We utilise a variety of different techniques catered to your needs and preferences, that include spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, exercise programs, and of course, adjustments.

Supplements & Rehabilitaion


As well as offering quality chiropractic care, our practitioners and educated and knowledgable in a wide range of supplements and products to complement your care for best results. We stock a large range of reliable, quality supplements that our chiropractors can utilise to help you reach your health goals. We also stock a range of products to assist with injury rehabilitation or ergonomics, including the serola belt, memory foam pillows, and kinesiology tape. Our practitioners are also able to supplement your care with a personalised exercise program for you to progress your health journey between appointments.

Infant & Pregnancy Care


Pregnancy can be a very stressful time for both parent and child, so allow us to join you on your journey. Our practitioners are qualified and experienced in chiropractic care for during pregnancy, as well as for your child. Chiropractic can help prepare and manage the stress the body goes through during pregnancy, to help create a more relaxing and healthy experience. Chiropractic is also well suited for infants, who can be seen as early as the day of birth. We aim to provide your child with the best start at life, by assessing and facilitating both musculoskeletal and neurological development.

Health & Wellness Education

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Our practitioners are well educated in all things chiropractic, wellness and health, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences both face to face in appointments, as well as formal health talks. These talks include topics a variety of different topics and can be suited to different groups of people, such as educators, schools, workplace trainings and other healthcare providers. These topics include, but are not limited to, Wellness, Brains & Behaviour, and the Neurology and Physiology. We also provide corporate ergonomic assessments; reviewing work area setups which can prevent the development of various musculoskeletal disorders.

Proud Affiliates

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