Update:  25th March 2020


Kia ora Practice Members

RE: Level 4 on the Covid-19 alert system


The most up to date information we have been provided by the NZ Chiropractic Board indicates that we are are NOT considered essential services therefore our doors are CLOSED to ALL Practice Members.  

The only available bookings we can offer you are Remote Consultations by phone or Zoom conference.


If we move to Level 3, we may be able to continue Urgent care, the perimeters of such as outlined below.  

All "wellness" and "maintenance" bookings will remain cancelled

- Our Chiropractors can arrange a phone or Zoom consultation to check in with how you are feeling, and then can prescribe a range of 'at-home' exercises for you to to complete.  We use a platform called Physitrack, which is an excellent and easy to follow resource. 

- If you have an appointment already booked with us that we have had to cancel, then your first consult on this platform is complementary. 

- For each further phone consult after that, the cost is $27.50 which will be invoiced for you to pay online

Urgent Care could be available for: 

- Practice Members experiencing intractable or incapacitating pain and would otherwise seek urgent care at hospitals or medical centers.  

- Practice Members who have serious, chronic conditions that would otherwise rapidly deteriorate without care.

To book these spaces, you can do so via our online booking system.  If you're not sure whether you meet the criteria - please email us 


- Chiropractic care is physical contact treatment, and in many cases, this is unavoidable.  Our practitioners will do their best to remain more than 2 meters away for as much as the consult as possible.  We can do this quite easily in our large rooms

- Please stay in your vehicle when you arrive and text the practice so we can reply and let you know when to come straight in to a room

- Our practitioners will wear gloves and face masks where available 

- The appointments will be less than 15 minutes in duration

- Maximum of 3 appointments per hour per practitioner 

- The hygiene standards as in Levels 1 and 2 below apply 

- Chiropractic Assistants will work from home as much as possible

If you have an appointment and you cannot come alone, please bring just one support person.  Parents, if you can please make other arrangements for your children - please do so.  

For Urgent Care appointments, the care steps taken below (Level 1 & 2) apply - but likely, with no Chiropractic Assistants. 


At Level 1 and 2 on the Covid-19 alert system, we remain open to our Practice Members and are taking the following steps to ensure a safe environment for everyone.  

Practice Hygiene:

We thoroughly clean every room, all surfaces each night and mid-way through every shift.  We use a product called Zoono  which provides a protective barrier against germs.  

Between each appointment, we clean the tables and replace the disposable face tissues.  

All staff wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds in warm soapy water, and dry them carefully.

All Practice Members to wash their hands for 20 seconds in warm soapy water and dry them carefully - we will ask you to do this when you arrive and when you leave (we have everything you need in every treatment room :-)) 

A hand sanitiser is also used regularly and we have this available to our Practice Members to use as well. 

All toys and magazines have been removed from the rooms and wait areas for now, we will have them back as soon as possible.

At your request, our Practitioners are happy to wear disposable gloves for your treatment.  

Bookings and Interactions:  

Our 'regular' appointment slots are 10 minutes long each, so our Practitioners may see up to 5 appointments per hour.  For now, we will be further spacing the bookings in order to reduce the 'traffic' in the wait area so you'll spend less time with other people while waiting for your appointment.  

You are welcome instead to wait in your vehicles in the car park, and text or call us when you arrive. We can text you back when the room is ready and you can come straight through - and not wait in our wait area at all.

We can issue invoices to be paid online if you'd prefer to reduce 'contact points' such as Eftpos terminals, and you can rebook your next appointments online.

Our Chiropractic Assistants are still more than happy to hold babies and care for young children while their parents receive care - and they'll remain vigilant with washing their hands before and after handling children.  Please talk to us if you'd prefer for us to supervise from a distance rather than hands-on.  

PLEASE reschedule your appointment IF: 

- You have returned from overseas in the past 14 days

- If you've been in close contact with someone who has had Coronavirus or if you have flu symptoms (sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, fever).  

- You are 70 yoa or older 

- You have any form of compromised immunity - ie; diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory conditions (asthma, COPD etc), autoimmune disorders etc. 

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