Update: 1 December 2021

Covid Protection Framework - Red and Amber


The process from  Monday 5th December is as follows:

- We can now see ALL Practice Members!  

- You're welcome to book online, via phone or face-to-face 

- All appointment types are available (Cranial, ACC, New Patients, Regular, Family etc) 

Your vaccination status is not a ticket nor a barrier to receiving healthcare in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  

Aware that Covid-19 is still in the community, we are taking precautions to keep you and ourselves safe.


- You will receive a text message the day of or evening before your appointment.  This will include a link to a series of screening questions we need you to answer regarding any current cold/flu symptoms or potential exposure events. 

- You must wear a mask when you enter the building and for the duration of your appointment unless you have exemption (please let our CA's know so we can note on your file to avoid asking you each time you come in :-))

- Our practitioners will wear face coverings, and other such PPE as required

Please note: If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, if you are considered a probable/suspected case, if you have been tested and are awaiting results, if you have been in contact with any probable/suspected or confirmed cases, if you have recently returned from overseas; we need to reschedule your appointment.


Practice Hygiene:

We thoroughly clean every room, all surfaces each night and mid-way through every shift.  We use a product called Zoono  which provides a protective barrier against germs.  

Between each appointment, we clean the tables and replace the disposable face tissues.  

A hand sanitiser is also used regularly and we have this available to our Practice Members to use as well, you are also welcome to wash your hands in warm soapy water for 20 seconds and we have everything you need in the rooms.  

All toys and magazines have been removed from the rooms and wait areas for now, we will have them back as soon as possible.

PPE - with mandatory risk screening completed by our Chiropractic Assistants prior to each appointment, our Practitioners are not required to wear PPE equipment where there is no exposure to bodily fluids.  For any intra-oral work (cranial, dental) adjustments, we have protective eyewear, face masks, gloves and aprons and will use this equipment where appropriate. 


For our Practice Members aged 70 and older or with compromised immunity or respiratory conditions, our Practitioners will wear PPE as appropriate for these appointments.  

We remain up to date and compliant with the standards set by the Chiropractic Board and follow all protocols carefully.  

Bookings and Interactions:  

Our 'regular' appointment slots are 10 minutes long each, so our Practitioners may see up to 5 appointments per hour.  Under red and orange - we will be further spacing the bookings in order to reduce the 'traffic' in the wait area so you'll spend less time with other people while waiting for your appointment.  

You are welcome instead to wait in your vehicles in the car park, and text or call us when you arrive. We can text you back when the room is ready and you can come straight through - and not wait in our wait area at all.

We can issue invoices to be paid online if you'd prefer to reduce 'contact points' such as Eftpos terminals, and you can rebook your next appointments online.

Our Chiropractic Assistants are still more than happy to hold babies and care for young children while their parents receive care - and they'll remain vigilant with washing their hands before and after handling children.  Please talk to us if you'd prefer for us to supervise from a distance rather than hands-on.  

If you're aged over 70 or immune compromised or have respiratory conditions - we are happy to schedule your appointments for the very start of of a shift.  This will mean you are the first person in our rooms for the day, please talk to our Chiropractic Assistants if you would like this option. 

PLEASE reschedule your appointment IF: 

- You have any cold or flu symptoms (cough, fever, change in taste/smell, shortness of breath etc)

- You have returned from overseas in the past 14 days

- If you're considered a close/casual contact of anyone with confirmed/probable or suspected COVID-19

- You have any form of compromised immunity - ie; diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory conditions (asthma, COPD etc), autoimmune disorders etc. 


Further resources:

Policy and Guideline documents from NZCB